UPDATED: Monday 16th March 2020

Following today’s announcement and recommendations from the Prime Minister and government advisers, we have decided not to host public gatherings with immediate effect. This means there will be no Sunday gathering on 22nd March or for the foreseeable future. This will also affect small groups and our various ministries such as Growbaby.

We are working on alternative ways of gathering, such as video conferencing and use of social media platforms to help us stay connected and support one another as the virus outbreak develops.

We will post further announcement as things develop and will attempt to address your various questions and concerns as best we can. If you are in a small group, please contact your small group leader in the first instance for latest information on how we plan to stay connected.

Please continue to observe best practices, and pray for the situation and one another in the days ahead. In the meantime, we would advise you to familiarise yourselves with the latest updates and advice, and today’s government briefing can be replayed here.

The levels of fear and anxiety around us are easy to see. But even while we face the crisis as a church community, this is also a time for the “church to leave the building”, roll its sleeves up and serve those who are the most vulnerable, and help bring the light and love of Jesus to those who are afraid and needing something solid to cling to.