Frequently Asked Questions

South Liverpool Vineyard is based in Toxteth, Liverpool. Our story is best told by those who would call this church home, so please come and spend some time with us, we’d love to meet you!

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, you may find some of them answered below. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please get in touch or come and hang out with us.

How would you describe your church?

Freedom bringing, counter cultural, extravagantly gracious, willing to serve, empowering of others and kind! But we are biased, come and see and add your own description.

I’ve never heard of the Vineyard Church

South Liverpool Vineyard is a part of Vineyard Churches UK, which is itself connected to thousands of related churches in many different countries and continents: we began here in Liverpool in 1996. We love to worship, build communities that encourage authentic relationships and demonstrate God’s love in practical, life changing ways.

Are you Catholic or Protestant?

We are not Catholic, but we certainly are not protesting either! We are simply one group of churches among many; one ‘part of the stew’. We try to foster good relationships with a wide variety of different churches in Liverpool & other faith groups that are interested in community transformation.

Jesus appeals to me, but my experience of church has bored me rigid and left me feeling manipulated.

Well, many of us have been there! We can’t promise you won’t nod off, but the best way to find out is by ‘tasting the pie’. As for being manipulated; I’m not sure we’re organised enough for that! Seriously, our heart is to encourage genuine friendships based on unconditional love, we aren’t the finished article, have plenty of faults but hopefully manipulating people isn’t one of them!

I don’t really know what I believe anymore, is it OK just to come along as someone who’s on a journey?

Absolutely! Everyone at South Liverpool Vineyard is on a journey – none of us has arrived yet!

Why don’t you have a normal church building?

Many contemporary churches like ours don’t own a building but choose to hire or lease premises, ranging from schools to cinemas, hotels to university property. Perhaps this approach underlines that it is people who define the church, not bricks and mortar. That said; we may choose to buy a suitable property in the future, if it helps us to serve the communities we work with.

How can I get involved?

Glad you asked! Firstly, just come and hang out with the folks and get to know us. You can join in with some of the work the groups do, or visit our Sunday service where we sing, learn from the bible, pray for each other, hear stories and eat cake! We even do welcome evenings where you can ask any questions you like and meet some of the team-the food’s good too!

Are men and women treated the same?

Yes! We all get to do the dishes. Any positions of responsibility are held purely based on the persons gifting and not their gender.

Will I be bombarded with requests for money?

Nope! The opportunity is there to give if you want to. Many of us do give to support the work of the church but money is best given from a willing heart not a coerced one.

If I do give how will I know my money isn’t being wasted?

Well, like all charities we have to keep accurate records of every penny we spend and what it’s spent on. The annual record of this is available for anyone to see.

What provision is there for kids and are they safe?

We do all we can to ensure our kids wellbeing and safety. Our helpers are DBS (formerly CRB) checked and are known to us. There are a number of kids’ activities, including Kids’ Zone on a Sunday & the amazing Messy Church every 1st Sunday.