Our Groups


We’re serious when it comes to putting our faith into action. During the week we meet up in mission groups. These are effectively ‘home groups’ with a mission. Of course we socialize, eat cake, drink coffee and fellowship together, but that’s not all. Each group has its own specific mission focus, an issue that is close to our hearts so we can serve people that really need it.

If you are new to the church then feel free to pop along and get a taster of what each group is doing, our leaders are a friendly bunch and would be more than happy to tell you more.

Here are the groups we currently run:



Leaders: Andy & Anna Dean


Our group meets in L8 on Thursday evenings and one weekend day a month. We are a group of people passionate about pursuing Jesus, building each other up and demonstrating Gods love to one another and those that we meet, particularly by blessing the people and area of L8. We aim to pray together, read scripture together, laugh together, eat together, work hard together, relax together… we are here to do life together!


Leader: Joan Simmons 


We meet every Wednesday at 10:30am to study the Bible to help us grow and mature in our faith. The aim of the study is to be practical and helpful not academic, and everyone is encouraged to take part.


Leaders: Sue Larkin and Joan Simmons


This group reaches out to those who are around during the day, offering community, friendship support and prayer. We meet in Tesco Cafė Park Road every Friday between 10am and 12 noon.

NICE THINGS: ‘It’s time to get your hands dirty …’

Leader: Andy Larkin

[Nice Things Group]  

We partner with support charities involved with issues related to domestic violence.

We help by taking time to paint & decorate rooms for families that may not have the time money or skills to do it themselves.

IMAGINE: Making Faith Accessible

Leader: Liz Gaynor


We will be exploring making the bible accessible simply to people and also creativity, particularly through craft type activities though not exclusively and giving people the opportunity to discover new things in this area and hopefully connect with the local community through this.