LOVE L8 & Our Work in the Community

The church has truly left the building – not that we ever had one to leave.

Love L8 is a simple concept that connects us with the needs of our community. Everyone has some time they can give and maybe a particular talent that someone else could benefit from. We take that gift of time & talent and recycle it out into the L8 area and beyond.

We partner with a number of agencies in our area and most of the people we get to help come from these partners. Please follow this link here to see our Community Partners

We can help with DIY jobs, IT training, academic studies, career enhancement skills, form filling or just taking a dog for a walk. We do one off training events, fun days out, Messy Church for kids.

It’s not just about helping though, we want to empower those we work with by passing on the skills we have and thus encouraging them to be a blessing to others in the community.

Love L8 is for the people, by the people…come and join in the fun & Love L8!

LOVE L8 Stories

Emma's Story
Emma’s Story
craftycurate craftycurate

I wanted to thank you for all the time you spent with us on Saturday. Julie is over the moon that she can play in the garden again, although at the moment the number of thunderstorms is limiting that. I am so grateful for all the work that you did…it’s made such a difference, and I woke up happier on Sunday morning. May God Bless you all for the wonderful work you do and keep you all safe and happy. (names changed) Read More

Julie's Story
Julie’s Story
craftycurate craftycurate

I am writing to you on behalf of the staff, trustees, volunteers and all the women who access our organisation for support. We would like to thank you for the many years that you have continued to support our organisation. Thank you for the services your staff and volunteers have provided for our beneficiaries. We really do appreciate all your support; you make such a difference to our organisation. (names changed) Read More

Ruth's Story
Ruth’s Story
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My letter from Age Concern UK came as a pleasant surprise of your presence here in Toxteth. As an elderly female living alone I often require help in tasks I can no longer carry out. Your folk have really restored my conviction in the love of Christ and humankind. Thank you for coming and being based in Toxteth! Yours in Christ, Ruth. Read More

Annie's Story
Annie’s Story
craftycurate craftycurate

Hi, thank you for making my hall look so nice and for being such kind people, you restored my faith. Thank you from the heart. Regards Annie (names changed) Read More

(Names and places have been changed and some references abbreviated.)