What We Believe

At the end of a remarkable story that Jesus told about someone who bothered to stop and help a stranger, a challenge is made to “go and do likewise”.  That has a really simple application. It means getting our sleeves rolled up and loving our neighbours, we call it Love L8 because we are in Toxteth, Liverpool.

Jesus was inspired to be good news to the battered and broken. He invited the hungry to be fed, the vulnerable to be cared for, the sick to be healed and the rich to redistribute what they had.

He loved to hang out with people who many in his day deemed too bad to even talk with. He got mad with people who exploited others and challenged the religious leaders to embrace his radical message of salvation by grace.

What anyone believes is best authenticated by what they do – talk is cheap. What we believe about God must be seen in our actions, through genuinely loving our neighbours as ourselves and taking up his challenge to “go and do likewise”.

If you’d like to join a bunch of imperfect followers of Jesus as they learn how to do this and have some fun along the way, please get in touch, we’d love to meet you.

South Liverpool Vineyard is affiliated to Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland. To find out in more detail what we believe, please click here.